Suo - Mires and peat vol. 42 no. 2 | 1991

Klaus Silfverberg. Wood ash, PK-fertilizer and two soil ameliorating additives on drained pine mires.
Avainsanat: ash fertilization; peat; Finland; Scots pine; growth; needle analysis
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The study was made in four experimental fields on drained peatland in western Finland (63-66°N). One of the experiments was laid out in 1972; the others in 1978-1979. Treatments included different kinds of wood ash and PK-fertilizer, an ash-imitating mixture and apatite+biotite. Needle analyses and growth measurements were carried out in 1983— 1986. The concentrations of Mg and Mn generally decreased after fertilization. A rise in the foliar P, foliar K and foliar weight correlated with the growth response. Best growth increment was achieved with the ash-imitating mixture and PK-fertilizer, while apatite+biotite did not increase growth. In the first years after fertilization, growth on the ash plots was weaker, but later stronger or equal to growth on PK- and ash-imitating plots. The correlation between initial tree height and post-fertilization growth was similar on the different treatments. The poor growth increment on some ash treatments was probably due to the insufficient amount of nutrients in the ashes used. Key words: Ash fertilization, Finland, growth, needle analysis, peat, Scots pine
  • Silfverberg, The Finnish Forest Research Institute, P.O. Box 18, SF-0I301 Vantaa, Finland Sähköposti: ei.tietoa@nn.oo (sähköposti)
Pekka Salminen. Irlannin suot ja niiden suojelu.
English title: Irish mires and their conservation.
Avainsanat: Blanket bogs; Ireland; raised bogs
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Originally over 17 per cent of the land area of Ireland was covered by mires. The Irish and Scotch occurrences of blanket bogs are among the most important in the world. There have also been excellent raised bog areas especially in the low-lying central plateau of Ireland. Due to turf burning, peat extraction and drying of peatlands during hundreds of years, the occurrence of mires in their natural state is becoming rare. Only some 100 000 hectares of scientifically and conservationally valuable peatlands are remaining, which is less than 10 per cent of the total peatland area of the country. Increasing international and national pressures for mire conservation have forced the Irish government to define goals for national mire conservation. According to the programme, 10 000 ha of raised bogs (3.2% of the original raised bog areas) and 40 000 ha of blanket bogs (5.2% of the original blanket bog areas), as well as a couple of thousand hectares of the remnants of the rich open fens are to be preserved. Yet, there are not adequate preservation resources available. Only one-third of the mire protection goals have been achieved. Keywords: Blanket bogs, Ireland, raised bogs
  • Salminen, Ministry of Environment, P.O. Box 399, SF-00121 Helsinki, Finland Sähköposti: ei.tietoa@nn.oo (sähköposti)

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