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Klaus Silfverberg (email)

Kuivatustehon ja lannoituksen vaikutus rämemännikön kehitykseen

Silfverberg K. Kuivatustehon ja lannoituksen vaikutus rämemännikön kehitykseen.

English title: Effects of drainage intensity and fertilization in a pine bog stand


Since 1961 an investigation has been carried out to determine the role of certain growth factors in peatland forests. The study area was a drained dwarf-shrub pine bog at Jaakkoinsuo, Central Finland (62°03'N, 24°43'E). The water table in the ditches surrounding the sample plots was maintained at four (10, 30, 50, 70 cm) levels below the peat surface. One of the series was fertilized twice with NPK. and another covered with a thick cover of straw The third was unfertilized. At a regulation level of 70 cm the volume growth increment for 1961-80 was as great on the unfertilized plot as on the one fertilized twice with NPK. This was chiefly due to the effective mobilization of the nutrient resources in the peat. At the 10 cm level, growth was weak because of poor aerobic conditions in the root zone. NPK fertilization gave the greatest increment at levels of 30 and 50 cm. The greatest increment was, however, achieved on the straw-covered plots. The reason was most probably the elimination of competing field and ground layers. The differences between the regulation levels remained quite similar throughout the study period. We can thus suppose that effective drainage may partly compensate for fertilization, if the nitrogen reserves in the peat are adequate.

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